Foro Forbes: Mujeres Poderosas-Tecnología con aroma de mujer- image

En el nuevo orden global que se reconfiguró como consecuencia de COVID19, las mujeres tomaron un papel protagónico representando la posibilidad de generar respuestas diferentes e innovadoras a las grandes problemáticas que se avecinan. El Viernes 23 de octubre, Silvina Moschini, experta en nuevas  tecnologías, CEO de SheWorks! Y  Presidente de TransparentBusiness participó en el Foro Forbes: Mujeres Poderosas, en la mesa : Los Nuevos Rostros de La Tecnología. Compartió mesa junto con  otras grandes mujeres latinoamericanas:  Maren Lau, Vicepresidenta de Facebook para Latam y Oreana Rodríguez, Directora de Recursos Humanos en Oracle para Centroamérica, Caribe, Colombia y Perú. El panel fue moderado por Vivian Lan, Directora de SingularityU. Se conversó sobre cómo el papel de las mujeres dentro de ...

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WE Empower SDG’S Challenge 2020 image

Last week, our CEO, Silvina Moschini representing SheWorks! joined Alyse Nelson, the emblematic CEO of Vital Voices alongside with three incredible women entrepreneurs from Latin America  including Cecilia Flores from Webee Corporation, Andrea de La Piedra from Aequales and Valerie Grant from Geo Techvision in a dynamic discussion about tangible and innovative business solutions for advancing the UN SDGs, both locally and globally.  From helping women work remotely during the COVID-19 global pandemic to using technology to bridge the digital divide in education for women and girls in underserved communities, this panel focused on how collective action can create sustainable, transformational change around the world.  The virtual roundtable marked the opening of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, ...

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Creating Impact through Entrepreneurship : Women at the Forefront image

Last month, November 19th marked Women’s Entrepreneurship Day; a day to recognize all the incredible female founders breaking barriers, and building a network for women entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators. Women continue to be the underserved market in venture capital: in 2018, women only received 2.2% of $130 billion in venture capital dollars — while all male-teams received 76% ($109.36 billion).  In celebration (and awareness!) on November 22nd, Silvina Moschini, Co-Founder & President of TransparentBusiness had the opportunity to pitch TransparentBusiness alongside a group of inspiring female founders at the first Co-Investment Day hosted by Telefónica’s open innovation hub Wayra. The event allowed the space to present your business pitch in front of Telefónica and Wayra Executives, as well as potential ...

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