Why step into the cloud?

Working with us allows you to work for yourself.
Connect with the companies who need your creative services
and recognize your worth.

Work from anywherechoose your own desk and log your work from anywhere with our award-winning technology.
Work worldwidebreak geographical barriers and connect to top companies from across the world.
Build your client baseattract repeat business by building a reputation for exceptional skill and service.
Earn what you deservewe ensure you are fairly compensated for your work and your time.

8 simple steps

to taking control of your own creative career.

Step 1

Introduce yourself.

Apply here!

Complete your profile and share your portfolio with us.

Step 2

Test yourself!

Complete our three quick tests to assess your technical, analytical and language skills.

Step 3

We review your test results and portfolio.

Our professional recruiters will review your portfolio in order to assess your qualifications.

Step 4

Come into the Cloud.

If your application is successful, you will receive an invitation to join the Yandiki Creative Talent Cloud.

Step 5

Yandiki matches your talents with existing opportunities.

Our team will identify existing opportunities compatible with your skills and qualifications.

Step 6


Do what you do best. Gain ratings and client testimonials.

Step 7

Get paid.

Sign up to get paid via PayPal or Credit Card with which you can withdraw cash anywhere or make payments.

Step 8

Repeat Success.

Gain trust and build relationships with clients who will hire you again and again.

Collaborate with world-class companies who want freelance talent just like you.

Never worry about not getting paid or getting out of your pyjamas.

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