How do we work?

Creatively, Collectively… and with lots of Coffee.

Step 1

Expert Talent, Expertly Sourced

We seek the best creative talent from the world and bring it to our clients via the Cloud, transparently, at a competitive cost, on demand and with no hassle.

Simply tell us what you need or dive into our pool of talent.

Step 2

We assess and select the most qualified candidates

We assess and verify skills and qualifications using tests to measure language proficiency, analytical ability and technical expertise

Professionals selected by skills, qualifications and feedback received.

Step 3

Matchmake and build your Private Talent Cloud.

Browse around. We’ve done the hard part. We’ve sifted through the inexperienced and the downright incoherent applications so that you don’t have to. Bringing together a select team of high quality creatives allows you to build that Goldilocks team that’s ‘just right’ for your project.

Step 4

The backend technology to manage and monitor talent

Management and monitoring:
Real-time visibility and full control over tasks and project progress.

  • 1Use the filters to narrow down to a group of team members or look at a desired time period.
  • 2Conveniently export all this information to Excel.
  • 3Mouse-over to see projects each worker is working on.
  • 4Access detailed work diary by clicking on any number.
  • 5Conveniently track project earnings and costs.

Daily activity logs and productivity meter

Follow at-a-glance project status and provide immediate feedback on the work done by your team with screenshots taken every three minutes.

  • 1Access a mini-screenshot and detailed activity information with a mouse-over; full-screen screenshot – with a click.
  • 2All tasks and comments are easily visible.
  • 3Each screenshot shows the activity level during the related time period.
  • 4Multi-file uploader. Also links to Google Docs.

World-class project management tool

Set your business goals, tasks and milestones by monitoring their status in real-time through a Smart Gantt Chart.

  • 1Create projects or recurrent tasks from scratch, from templates or import from MS Projects.
  • 2Monitor cost and progress
  • 3Identify problem tasks to manage resource allocation.

Smart Business Analytics

Access real-time reports of your business performance and see the true costs of your projects per day, week, or month.

  • 1See all key business data using a customizable dashboard.
  • 2Billing and costs per day, week, month.
  • 3Your most profitable projects.
  • 4Task to completion and other performance metrics.
Step 5

After a task has been completed, rate your team’s performance.

These ratings appear on the profile of each worker for you to select the best candidate for each task or project.

Certified talent + technology to manage remote workforce.

Step 6

Time-based billing and payment management

Create invoices and analyze billing and costs for any day, week, month, or a custom date range.

Each hour billed can be reviewed using the stored screenshots.


Certified talent + Cloud-based technology to access, manage, monitor and rate virtual teams

Curated certified talent (online tests, video interview, background & references check)
On-demand services
Agile and just-in-time
Flexible integration with your team
Effective coordination of distributed workforce
Advanced project and tasks management tool
Real-time business analytics
Transparent management & billing

Try us risk-free!

Select the talent you need from our network
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