Plataformas laborales, una opción para que ellas no dejen de trabajar image

Hay portales que permiten a mujeres profesionales de todo el mundo laborar para grandes compañías. Por: Claudia Sandoval Gómez Artículo: El día del padre, la cuenta de Twitter de la consultora sobre impacto social Karp Randel resaltó el trabajo del escritor y activista de derechos humanos Richard Lapchick: “Este padre de tres hijos ha estado luchando por el cambio social y la igualdad racial durante muchos años”, decía el tuit en inglés antes de enlazar a un artículo sobre su trabajo contra el racismo en el mundo de los deportes. Karp Randel está basada en Nueva York, pero el tuit fue posteado a 8.500 kilómetros de distancia por Laura Morales, una colombiana de 28 años radicada en Buenos Aires. Ella es ...

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Chief Financial Officer image

Accountable for the administrative, financial and risk management operations for SheWorks!, Yandiki and TransparentBusiness, including the development of financial and strategic business plans and the ongoing development, implementation and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results.

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Kenneth Arredondo, Former President and General Manager of CA Technologies LatAm and Asia Pacific & Japan, Joins the Board of Directors of TransparentBusiness image

TransparentBusiness is pleased to announce the appointment of Kenneth Arredondo to its Board of Directors. Mr. Arredondo, formerly with CA Technologies, held senior leadership positions with the firm including: President and General Manager of Asia Pacific & Japan, General Manager of Global Growth Markets, and President and General Manager of Latin America.

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Transparency and Inclusion, the driving concepts of Americas CEOs Summit in Peru image

That’s a wrap!  Every three years, the most influential business forum of the America, brings together top CEOs, Heads of State, and over a thousand business executives for strategic discussions of issues related to economic growth and development; and the VIII Summit of the Americas (Lima, Peru, April 2018) did not disappoint. Opening remarks were delivered by Martin Vizcarra, President of Peru; followed by Luis Alberto Moreno, President of Inter-American Development Bank (IBD).  Also in attendance the heads of state of Argentina, Bahamas, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama. A remarkable group of CEOs of leading companies participated as panelists and speakers at the event and, refreshingly, 45% of the panelists were women.

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The Brain is the Next Frontier of AI video

Neuromorphic computing is one of the most interesting breakthroughs that will transform how we work, live, learn, communicate and entertain ourselves. In this videos we discuss with Luis Quevedo from CST at NTN24 Intel’s latest innovation in Artificial Intelligence: a microprocessor called Loihi that by replicating the structure and functioning of the human brain, can teach and learn from itself. What we learnt from CES From humanoid robots, AI, AR/VR and self driving cars, check out in this video what we happened in Vegas in the 2018 edition of CES.

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