The Brain is the Next Frontier of AI video

Neuromorphic computing is one of the most interesting breakthroughs that will transform how we work, live, learn, communicate and entertain ourselves. In this videos we discuss with Luis Quevedo from CST at NTN24 Intel’s latest innovation in Artificial Intelligence: a microprocessor called Loihi that by replicating the structure and functioning of the human brain, can teach and learn from itself. What we learnt from CES From humanoid robots, AI, AR/VR and self driving cars, check out in this video what we happened in Vegas in the 2018 edition of CES.

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At first sight, Coronda seems to be an Argentine rural town like any other. However, from its squares and strawberry plantations, a woman innovates in the service industry. Maricruz Tabbia with his personal computer is revolutionizing the labor market, recruiting professionals from Russia to the United States. Maricruz is the Chief of Staff and Operations at SheWorks!, an international company that specializes in matchmaking for digital service professionals such as graphic design, programming, project management or communication, with clients such as Univisión, MasterCard and the Inter-American Development Bank. The company, based on the cloud, also offers training and tools for the monitoring and management of remote work. “I love the flexibility of choosing where and when I work. But it ...

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Challenges and opportunities of becoming a successful global entrepreneur video

SheWorks! was founded to empower women, by connecting professionals with learning and work opportunities through the use of cloud technology and big data. We help women pursue their careers without having to give up their personal life. The SheWorks! platform gives companies access to talent from around the world, because talent is universal while opportunities are not. At the same time, women can assess their skills in order to be matched with the training they need to be more competitive and increase their employability, in response to what is on demand internationally. SheWorks! gives an answer to the current problems in the labour market. One one hand, the skills shortage: companies cannot find the talent they need and spend from ...

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A Global Cloud-Based Platform to Connect Professional Women with Flexible Remote Job Opportunities is Unveiled at the United Nation Event in New York City Today image

(New York, NY, March 15, 2017) Today, at the Global Women Principles’ Summit at the United Nations Headquarters, a reknown Internet entrepreneur Silvina Moschini unveiled SheWorks! – the first and the only online platform that leverages TransparentBusiness Cloud technology, matching algorithms and remote workforce management tools to connect professional women with flexible remote job opportunities. Due to the inflexibility of the traditional commute-to-office work model, 43% of American women leave their jobs after childbirth. SheWorks! is created to help them find a flexible work-from-home opportunities. SheWorks! also enables companies to easily hire vetted professional women from anywhere in the world and reduces gender inequality in earning power. SheWorks! will reduce unemployment and empower women to grow professionally. “Today $17 Trillion ...

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KMGI Group appoints Rosemary Winters as Head of Global Sales to lead the transformation of how companies hire and manage talent in the digital age. standard

Experienced Latin America media executive will lead global sales strategy for KMGI group of companies including Yandiki, Creative Talent in the Cloud, and SheWorks! For Immediate Release New York, NY – October 25, 2016: KMGi Group, a global company focused on providing technology and services to disrupt the world of work announced Today the appointment of Rosemary Winters as Executive Vice President of Growth and Business Development. With more than 20 years B2B experience working for CondeNast Latin America, Thomson Media, and most recently as CEO of Latin Trade Group, Rosemary Winters will develop and lead the global sales strategy for Yandiki, SheWorks! and TransparentBusiness. This includes expanding and broadening the companies’ presence throughout the U.S. and into Latin American ...

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La nube en el trabajo. La revolución de la tecnología image

Por Mariana F. Maldonado. Publicado en El Universal.  El mundo laboral cambia a pasos agigantados. Y la tecnología hace realidad lo que antes era sólo posible en la ciencia ficción El trabajo ha adquirido otro significado a través de las posibilidades que ofrece la nube, uno de los inventos que han transformado nuestro siglo. La tecnología lo ha cambiado todo. Y la manera de trabajar es uno de los tantos signos que apuntan a que nada volverá a ser como antes. Miles de trabajadores alrededor del mundo forman parte de la “nube humana”. La nube es una estructura ubicua. Es decir, funciona y conecta en cualquier parte del globo. Es un término que ha sido definido de muchas maneras y ...

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