Breaking Through Barriers: Climbing The Tech Ladder image

Last week, Silvina Moschini was featured as a key speaker at “Breaking Through Barriers: Climbing the Tech Ladder” event hosted by WITI (Women in Technology International), sponsored by Randstad Technologies. Aboard the historic Clipper Stad Amsterdam, this incredible event was a collaborative discussion to rethink how we approach the gender and diversity gap in the tech sector! In these conversations not only were solutions created toaddress leadership and empowerment but included tangible next steps that can be acted upon to make this happen! #ChangeMakers

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This Tax Day, Give Americans The Tax Return They Deserve image

Overbilling Protection Would Save Taxpayers Hundreds of Million of Dollars Today is Tax Day and Americans across the country are scrambling to file their taxes and eagerly anticipating their returns. But what they are not aware of is that the hard-earned money they are using to pay those taxes is being stolen right from the government. It is happening in every state in the country and at the federal level as well. The top ten government contractors have been fined a combined $7 billion for stealing taxpayers’ money through fraud. One company was even able to steal $500 million from the city of New York on a single municipal project. The worst part? It is completely preventable. Advances in technology ...

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Silvina Moschini Honoree At The City & State Above & Beyond Gala standard

It is so important to recognize those who go above and beyond; and we could not be more proud of our Founder & CEO, Silvina Moschini for being an honoree at the City and State Above and Beyond Gala in New York City this past week. This marks the 8th year, that City & State has honored women in leadership making incredible contributions to society in the sectors of  business, public service, health care, law, lobbying, real estate, construction, and nonprofits. Silvina’s recognition comes with her extensive work with TransparentBusiness and SheWorks! driving a more inclusive and flexible workforce! Here, Silvina was profiled in a special edition of City & State magazine as one of the five impactful business women in New York! Congratulations ...

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Walk Your Talk & Get The Facts About #EqualPayDay image

April 2nd represents the 23rd Anniversary of #EqualPayDay. “Equal Pay Day” is marked on the calendar once a year and celebrates the significance that on average women have had to work one full year plus 92 days (April 2) to be on par with what their male counterparts would have earned in one year alone. Bringing attention to close the wage gap shouldn’t be a one day celebration, it’s an ongoing movement; no matter what gender or race you are, equal work should be equal pay, simple. The Wage Gap Numbers: 1 in 3 Americans, aren’t even aware that the gender pay gap exists On average, women in the U.S. are paid 20% less than men By ethnicity, the pay gap worsens. ...

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#HerImpact: Silvina Moschini, Endeavor Entrepreneur image

by Kieran Kesner for Endeavor. Silvina Moschini is an Endeavor Entrepreneur and founder of Yandiki, SheWorks! and Transparent Business. SheWorks! helps companies drive diversity by providing access to the world pool of certifies professional women in a 360-degree platform to hire, monitor and manage a remote workforce with flexible work models powered by technology. This year, EY announced a partnership with SheWorks! to support and accelerate the platform in order to maximize employment opportunities for women through the gig economy. The initiative has the objective of leveraging this technology to create 100,000 job opportunities for women by 2020. Why did you become an entrepreneur? I’m passionate about having an impact and leaving this world a better place than how I found it. This ...

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Technology for Transparency: the New Standard for Eliminating Overbilling Fraud in Professional Service Contracts image

The Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) Community is among one of the most prestigious cross-industry collaborative efforts identifying key issues of corruption, compliance, transparency, and emerging market-risks and engaging in new pertinent solutions alongside governments, international organizations, and business leaders.

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